Flower Wall

Flower Wall Glasgow

Donut & Flower Wall Hire in Glasgow

You may not know what a wedding party photo booth is if you haven’t attended a wedding in recent years. In the most straightforward words, a Donut wall/Flower Wall in Glasgow is a special kind of picture stand. With a backdrop and accessories to make fun photos for your guests. A technician stands at the stand to get people in and out of order and answer questions about the stand.


Prosecco Wall

Prosecco Wall hire in Glasgow

The guests have unique picture strips to hold a visual memory of the wedding. You can make silly faces, funny poses, and make a unique and fun party with our Prosecco wall hire in Glasgow. The bride and groom can use a green screen to select a custom background or select some standard images.

Lovely Candy Buffet

Lovely Candy Buffet Hire in Glasgow & Edinburgh

Smell, taste, and sensation are potent nostalgia evokers and help to enlighten our feelings. A lovely candy buffet hire with all your favourite treats for your childhood will help add a sense of nostalgia to your guests. A nostalgic cart show can help to promote good feelings and improve guest mood.


Buffet Hire in Glasgow

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

Candy Buffet

Nostalgia can also help to increase a sense of fellowship and social interaction. When guests select their favourite sweets from the candy buffet hire, they also speak about their favourite desserts from their youth.

Candy Buffet Hire in Glasgow

Hashtag Print Station

The Hashtag Print Station designates a personalized hashtag for your wedding reception or event. To be used in Instagram’s and other social media pages by your guests. When the picture is linked to the hashtag.

Hashtag Print Station Hire in Glasgow

Bubble Photo Booth

The guests can locate and pick pictures to print at the printing station of the Bubble Photo Booth for party use. Connecting all these pictures through social media helps you find all images of your wedding ceremony and reception so that nothing is missed.

Bubble Photo Booth Hire in Glasgow


Social Media Station of Donut Wall Hire/Flower Wall Hire Glasgow

The Social Media Station of Donut wall hire/flower wall hire Glasgow allows guests to upload photo streams taken directly from the reception for sharing with families and friends at their wedding to Facebook. Although you may lack some fun with your family and friends when you see digital images of all individual photos and photo strips, you can look closely at everything happening during your wedding. Contact us for a Donut Wall quote!

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