Selfie Post Box Hire


Including all the features and advantages of our traditional photo booth in our Selfie Post Box Hire services, we provide you full creative freedom in regards to backdrops and locations. There are many recommended options out there in this budget. We’ve found many different photo booth options which you’re able to incorporate into your event to make the most of photo opportunities. This is the ideal case of the way you can employ your venue to make the ideal backdrop for your photo booth and pictures for those on a very low budget. The two of us work in the internet business and love that which we do.

Locks cannot be employed in contemporary or conventional mailbox designs. The post box is lockable and it’ll include a key so that you may open after your event. Take on another persona working with the goodies you will discover in one magical box. Mail Boxes If you must rent a mailbox, it’s near impossible in a public post office. It will continue to play a vital role in the personal and commercial lives of Americans for years to come. For a yearly fee, they’ll collect your franked mail from your company premises on a predetermined day. You may then delight in opening your mailbox when you get up in the morning to find out what’s inside!

A GIF booth puts together a succession of images or video to make an animation that you can share on social media with funny or intriguing captions. Photo booths are sometimes a participatory activity, an ice-breaker and a means to capture the event for attendees before having them share on social networking.

For a reasonable cost of our selfie post box hire services, we provide the following –

1.      The facility of all Weekend Hire – utilize the photograph stall the prior night, on the primary day and the following morning.

2.      Get your names along with the date on the welcome screen of the Selfie Post Box.

3.      Your visitors can post their wedding cards safely as well as they can take photographs, leave you an individual video message on the Selfie Post Box.

4.      All pictures, video messages, and GIFs caught sent to you after the occasion.

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