Led Dance Floor for Hire

For those of you wondering how to hit the floor with a bang on your wedding day, we spectacularly present to you the LED Dance Floor! Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, and engagement parties, the LED Dance Floor will certainly add some stunning style to your event. Create an entrance like never before for your first dance, and celebrate in style with the LED Dance Floor.

The LED Dance Floor can certainly add something special, such as, a theme for your party. Dazzle your guests with our white LED starlit dance floor; make a statement and entertain like never before with our absolutely ‘wow’ dance floor.

So, maybe it’s time to start planning your party around the LED Dance Floor which are perfect for a themed party, encouraging those who may not usually get up to have a boogie and join in the fun you’ll have throughout.

Regardless of where your party venue is, the beauty of the LED Dance Floor is that they are versatile, so you won’t have the worry of fitting it in. A specially trained installation team will install and remove the flooring so you can dance the night away knowing that we have you covered.


All prices are based on size not colour.*

12ft x 12ftFixed payment - no surprises
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16ft x 16ftFixed payment - no surprises
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20ft x 20ftFixed payment - no surprises
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Other sizes are available upon request, including rectangles and squares.

Our modish and incredible dance floor is swaying hearts of the organizers and party guests. We are the only one to fulfill dance flooring needs with such grandeur. We lend led dance floor for hire on various occasions and to that on optimally priced charges with no extras. Our team of experts will accompany it to the venue for fitting and installation to reduce your worries. The sensational floors are prepared with high-quality material and are bestowed with the latest technology. Its color-changing attributes can befit requirements of theme parties. Our guests can even cover themselves under spotlights to make a star walk-on elegant looking comfortable surface.

The exceptional LED Dance Floor in Glasgow is one of the most unique dance floors that you can tread on. Available in multiple sizes variance, it can be customized as per the requirements and that too without any additional charges. Be it a bachelorette party, or a high school party, birthday party, anniversary party, Valentine’s Day revels and other such celebrations, we can fix it anytime anywhere. Being cordless, it creates least mess and assures premium excellence. Render the venue disco-like vibes to exaggerate the mood of guests.

These floors are rented on special occasions like wedding, ceremonial celebrations to add distinct glam to the party. So, if you are looking for something that can create a mesmerizing ambiance and can provoke the guests to enjoy up to the brim.

Turn your wedding into an exclusive one, think beyond usual, get rent a led dance floor wedding and make the best out of it. Make a luxurious entrance on your special occasions and be the head turner and attention stealer.

With us, you can easily rent a led dance floor at optimal prices and will be provided with unrivaled services and assistance. Let the stars twinkle beneath your feet.

If you require a full day hire or a bespoke package, please get in touch!

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